No Monthly Commitment

Unlike most services, Valley Glatt does not have a monthly commitment. You can choose through the various selection of foods, there is a menu.

No prep work necessary

All the meals come ready to eat all you have to do is heat it up for 2-3 minutes and eat! Our selection of Kosher food is the biggest in all of New York! Every dish is carefully curated by our in-house chefs.

Delivered right to your door

Valley Glatt has partnered with multiple delivery services to ensure that the meals that are carefully packaged in our climate-controlled boxes are delivered to you with the same freshness it has been prepared with! Open up the package, heat up the food, and ENJOY!

About Valley Glatt

Valley Glatt is your go-to delicatessen for Kosher food. All our food is prepared in house with the supervision of “VHQ” whose reputation is well known in our local Orthodox community. Our Rabbi works hand in hand with our chefs and kitchen staff to ensure that everything coming out of the kitchen meets the VHQ standards. We have signature chefs who masterfully prepare homemade specialties.
We launched in September 2020 and we deliver to anywhere in New York City, six days a week. Currently, we are delivering to the Queens, Long Island City, and Manhattan.

Unique in concept, Valley Glatt was created by two neighborhood friends, now business partners, from the Rego Park, Queens community. Sharing a keen business acumen, with extensive experience in various business sectors, including restaurant and food, the pair sought to pool their expertise and embark upon a business endeavor. As Torah-observant Jews with a passionate about fine food, they sought to introduce a fresh and exciting new concept to the Glatt Kosher consumer. Seeking to provide premium Glatt Kosher freshly prepared meals representing extraordinary Bukharian flavor and flair, they offer the consumer access to an exciting and heretofore unexplored world of top-tier international cuisine, imported food products exclusive to their regions and countries. The cuisines they serve include Middle Eastern, European, Russian, Bukharian, Chinese, just to name a few.

We cater any event no matter the size. Our specialty is catering to Shuls for Shabbat as well as any holiday. We have the biggest selection of Glatt Kosher food in All of New York!

Valley Glatt Kitchen

Deli Soups

Explore our range of Kosher Deli Soups and choose the one that best meets your preferences. We will deliver them fresh and hot.

Fish Dishes

Whether you’re looking for fried, roasted, or baked Kosher fish dishes—we’ve got you covered. All of our dishes are available at an affordable price.

From the Barrel

We have various types of olives, pickles, and peppers in store for you. Browse through our menu to know more. Order now!

Main Appetizers

Order your favorite bourekas, crepes, pirozhki, and more from Valley Glatt. We also have a few options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Meat Dishes

Valley Glatt is a must-visit for all meat lovers. We offer our customers an array of succulents and mouth-watering Kosher-certified beef and chicken dishes.


Are you longing to eat something healthy? If yes, we have multiple salad options for you to choose from.

Superior Kosher Products with Guaranteed Delivery at Your Doorstep.

Where We Deliver

Please note: we only deliver to Manhattan on Fridays.

A Video Tour


Don’t just take our word. See for yourselves what our customers have to say about us.

Aryeh Blanshay
Aryeh Blanshay
Amazing selection. No kosher supermarket takeout has a selection this big. Literally everything we had was incredibly delicious.
Alexandra Emtsova
Alexandra Emtsova
I recently was in NYC for a weekend and ordered ready to eat meals from Valley Glatt. Online ordering was super easy to navigate, delivery was on time, everything was beautifully wrapped and some of the main dishes were still warm. I ordered a variety of salads, kebabs and Russian dumplings with different fillings. Food was great, tasted just like my mom’s cooking, all dishes were freshly made and lasted several days. Highly recommend
Michael Lewyn
Michael Lewyn
lots of interesting food
Aliza Nisanov
Aliza Nisanov
Food was amazing! Everything is so fresh and delicious. Service was great. They were very patient with us and very nice.
StanleyStanley Stanley
StanleyStanley Stanley
Amazing prices and great food! 5/19/2021
Dima Rips
Dima Rips
Thank you Valley Glatt! Great selection! Delicious food!
Asher Samusenka
Asher Samusenka
This store is something unbelievable. They have a huge variety of food. Besides that they have an amazing quality, always fresh and tasty. I highly recommend to visit this place.


How do I edit or cancel my order?
Once you have finished placing an order, select the “edit order” option or return to the “Previous Orders” tab to make any changes or cancel an order. Orders cannot be changed on the day they are shipped.
How do I refund a product?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase simply contact our customer service department within 48 hours of purchase and we will resolve the matter within 30 days. Follow all instructions as directed by our customer service line in order to facilitate the proper return and refund of a product.
What should I do if I want to reschedule my delivery?
Please contact us.
What if I'm not satisfied with my delivery?
If you are not satisfied with your delivery, please contact us.
What if I want to add an item, but I don't see it online?
Please contact us.
Until What time can I place my order for the same day?
As soon as the first item is in your cart the next available delivery time will show above your cart. (you must be logged in to see this.) Since the website calculates maximum quotas automatically, it might vary based on the day of the week.
Why did I receive two different charges on my credit card?
Prior to collecting your order, we pre-authorize a hold to your card. Once the order is collected and finalized, the hold is removed and a final charge is applied. Please note, there may be a difference in these prices.
How do you insure my Order is kosher upon Delivery?
All Kosher collection is supervised and sealed by our Mashgiach Before leaving the store
What is the minimum order quantity?
Minimum order is $50 for delivery and $35 for in-store pick up.
What is the delivery and service fee?
Delivery fees are area specific. You will see it in your cart at checkout.
What will happen if an item I ordered is out of stock?
Choose your Substitution preference at checkout and we will follow your instructions.
What is your Kosher supervision?
Valley Glatt is under strict supervision of Vaad Harabonim of Queens (VHQ). We constantly have Mashgichim on the premises around the clock.
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